AURA for Sleep

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The Potent Honey will help you get some of the best sleep of your life. Like the Potion, it will give your body relief from pain and anxiety throughout your sleep cycle.  


1 teaspoon 45-90 minutes before your bedtime.

How to use:

You will love the Potent Honey with tea before bed. Or a hot toddy, depending on your mood. :) Also, a teaspoon of Potent Honey on your tongue, or in a cup of hot water with a twist of lemon works well too.


The Potent Potion will help you get some of the best sleep of your life. Like the Honey, it will give your body relief from pain and anxiety throughout your sleep cycle. Plus, there are relevant ingredients, CBN among others, that will trigger your bodies sleep cycle.


2.5 ml 45 - 90 minutes before your bedtime.

How to use:

You can take AURA as recommended, 2.5ml (1/2 teaspoon). Or you can make a batch of your favorite pastries and have a pastry with tea before bed.  

Deep Restful Sleep Matters

We believe AURA’s greatest benefit is improved sleep. A good night of deep restful sleep impacts every aspect of your life from your mood, your physical health, plus your mental and emotional wellbeing.


It doesn’t matter why you take AURA, it seems to us that everyone raves about their improved sleep. So, let’s take a look at why.

How AURA Helps You Sleep

You don't need a medical degree to understand that you will sleep better if you are feeling better. The fact is most of us are experiencing some level of anxiety, so AURA can help most of us experience better sleep even if you think you sleep fine now.


However, there is also real research demonstrating the ingredients in AURA have helped people, including those with with sleep disorders to those with PTSD, get deep restful sleep. The major factors are:



Taken in micro doses, THC can induce a euphoric feeling that may benefit your effort to sleep. Certainly the increased state of relaxation will benefit your ability to sleep as well.



In the same way that CBD helps reduce anxiety, it helps you get better sleep. There is mounting research that CBD affects the serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin plays a role in your mood, sleep, behavior, and digestion. Bringing your body and mind back into balance is how CBD helps you get better sleep.



For all the rage about THC and CBD, it is CBN that has been shown to actually cause you to sleep. While CBD and THC may help create the circumstances for better sleep, CBN is the trigger in cannabis to induce deep restful sleep.

CBN has a very similar chemical make-up to CBD and it also aids with many of the same ailments that CBD helps you manage. However, there is more and more evidence the CBN is a powerful sedative.


The amount of CBN in AURA is relatively small, compared to CBD. However, it is enough to help you sleep when you are ready for bed without causing you to get sleepy in the middle of the day.



We focus on the cannabinoids, but the terpenes in cannabis are powerful health aids too. For sleep, the terpenes myrcene and linalool are effective when taken in combination with THC.


Give AURA a try and you can start getting deep restful sleep in just a few days. Get it today.