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New AURA CBD products help you find enduring relief from chronic pain ailments

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CBD For Pain

Why CBD For Pain Relief

New AURA's active ingredients fight pain causing inflammation that causes pain and other symptoms.

In addition to helping you relax during bouts with pain, New AURA actually blocks neurological signals for pain.

The enhanced sleep with New AURA allows your body to recover and heal every night so you wake rested and ready for the new day.

Recommended Products

Potent Honey

A powerful combination of the universal superfood, honey, and cannabis. A teaspoon in a cup of no caffeine tea is our recommendation for incredible sleep. Awesome for light recreational use.

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Depending on severity, we recommend up to 3 full teaspoon doses (5ml) daily.


Take a teaspoon full as recommended before bed with tea or directly off the spoon. We also have a growing list of recipes.

Potent Potion

Our most potent product and the cornerstone to our products for pain. Click to Order


Depending on severity, we recommend up to 3 teaspoon (2.5ml) doses daily.


1/2 teaspoon orally. Let it sit under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. Or use our growing list of recipes to make perfectly dosed edibles.

Potent Vapor

A mega dose of CBD for fast relief.  Blow the pain away with this potent vape pen focused on helping you heal quickly.

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As needed for fast relief.


The Potent Vapor works like any other buttonless vape pen. Just draw on it and you will feel the pen's effects within 3-10 minutes.

A Trusted Customer's Testimonial For Pain


It's like within the hour I felt a difference.

I'd recommend AURA to anyone and everyone for pain.

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